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With Easy GPT Builders, you can seamlessly build custom GPT copilots that support your customers, identify new opportunities, and grow your business.

Our task-based custom GPTs provide efficient and innovative real-time support, converting visitors into loyal customers while seamlessly handing you off to your preferred communication channels.

Benefit from cost-effective customer engagement and say goodbye to expensive live chat services. Experience the future of engagement today by signing up for a demo with our team of experts.

Put ChatGPT to Work for Your Business

Our Founder

Jim Wanek is a serial entrepreneur and senior product manager with over 20 years of experience in SaaS application development. With a passion for technology and a strong background in engineering, Jim has dedicated his career to building innovative products and collaborating with talented individuals.

As the Founder and CEO of SiteGlue AI, Jim leads a team of skilled developers and designers in creating next-generation mobile engagement solutions for businesses. SiteGlue AI is an AI-powered chatbot platform that automates customer support and lead generation on websites. By leveraging advanced natural language processing technology, SiteGlue AI’s platform integrates with ChatGPT to build custom language models trained on domain-specific website content. This enables personalized and conversational interactions with customers, enhancing the overall user experience.

Prior to founding SiteGlue AI, Jim established 4Translation, where he developed technology to efficiently manage software localization and document translation projects. With a successful exit in 2011, Jim redirected his focus toward SaaS applications and mobile technology. Jim’s areas of expertise include product vision and strategy, product development, localization, engineering, project management, voice and data integration, as well as mobile web and product marketing.

Throughout his career, Jim has demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering outstanding solutions to his clients. He has successfully integrated various third-party APIs and implemented advanced technologies to optimize processes and drive results. His track record includes leading LokalMotion, a mobile guest acquisition and retention platform for restaurants, and serving as President of 4Translation, where he completed document translation and software localization projects for leading technology and manufacturing companies. Jim holds a BSME in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University.

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Put ChatGPT to work for your business

Use AI to generate a task based custom GPT , embed it on your website and let it engage visitors, support your existing customers, identify new opportunities, ask the right questions, qualify new customers based on your ideal customer profile and send real time notifications to your email, CRM or 5,000+ apps on Zapier.

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