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March 8, 2024/

Mile High Hearing utilized Easy GPT Builders to launch an Inbound GPT named Jan to engage visitors and improve lead generation on their website. The setup included defining customer profiles, conversation starters, CTAs, a lead scoring algorithm, and qualifying questions. Outcomes showed better engagement and efficient lead qualification, demonstrating the…

March 8, 2024/ implemented an Inbound GPT agent, Dan Bongino, to enhance customer interaction and lead generation on its EHR solutions website. The agent was customized to answer questions, guide users, and assess lead potential. Despite challenges, it achieved 24/7 support, increased leads, and improved customer satisfaction, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI…

June 28, 2023/

The 303 Dental Group in Colorado integrated an AI chat agent, Kathy, using Inbound GPT Builder to improve online engagement and optimize conversions. Challenges of accurate responses and smooth human transitions were overcome by tailored FAQs and conversation starters. Kathy's implementation led to improved visitor interactions and effective lead qualification,…

June 28, 2023/

A narrative discusses a person's admiration and the challenges of social interaction, highlighting their continuous adaptation to social dynamics and personal relationships. It contrasts their inward reflection and outward social standing, detailing a struggle with innate desires and societal invitations, ultimately focusing on self-improvement and perseverance amidst life's diminutions.

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